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Boshoff Afrikaners

Boshoff Afrikaners

Our farms are home to some of the finest Afrikaner cattle in the world!

The farms are in the Limpopo provinces in South Africa. Temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius and ticks, flies, mosquitoes, and various diseases form part of our daily program. Our animals are humanely and sustainably raised in the best pasturelands.

Our Afrikaner herd is a primarily closed herd with the focus on breeding exceptional families since 2017.

Proven practical methods integrated with modern management systems and techniques are used to produce some of the best Afrikaner cattle for the show rings, beef markets and ranches of Africa.

Boshoff Afrikaners


Successful stud breeding in South Africa requires a lot of dedication and commitment. The mating of each animal is planned and timed to perfection. We have a strict programme of selection for breed character, fertility, and correctness. Our product speaks for itself!

Boshoff Afrikaners
Boshoff Afrikaners
Boshoff Afrikaners


The breed was almost exterminated when huge numbers died of rinderpest or were destroyed during the South African Boer War.

The breed is typically red which can vary from light tan to deep cherry red. They have long lateral horns of a flesh-to-creamy white in colour with amber tips. The Afrikaner is well named the no-nonsense breed.


Boshoff Afrikaners is a needs-driven service which offer both personal and reliable transport solutions.

Boshoff Afrikaners

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